“One must try the impossible in order to achieve the possible.” (Heinrich Heine)

The constant pursuit of optimization ensures sustained engagement in technology and production in order to make the complex structures in our world simpler, more economical and more ecological. That is exactly the basis of our work.

Since 1998 we have been designing and producing – of course in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 – gauges, prototypes, tools and special machines for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry as well as for the aerospace industry.

Gauge construction – attention to detail

Measuring gauge

Testing a component (OK – not OK)

Every series production involves a complex, often lengthy quality assurance process. To develop this for you and to reduce it to a minimum, in order to act economically and as quickly as possible, that is our challenge.

Our attention to detail and state-of-the-art measuring procedures ensure efficient implementation. You will benefit from our expertise.

Foaming tool making – basis of ideal productions

Detailansicht eines Schäumwerzeugs

Detail view of an encapsulation tool

Seitenansicht eines Schäumwerzeugs

Side view of a foaming tool

The PUR glass encapsulation as well as foam parts for sound insulation demand high standards. Only close attention to all the parameters can provide the basis for successful production. Our long experience in the production of open air systems and car acoustic elements is thereby not only available to the automotive industry. Of course, other industries also take advantage of the extensive experience of Jaeckel Modelle.

Fixture construction – quality without compromise

Kaschierwerkzeug für Cabriolet-Dachrahmenverkleidung

Equipment review

The perfect product requires the optimal device from which it can be created. Jaeckel Modelle offers uncompromising top quality to its customers. Punching, pasting, gluing – our fixture and plant construction ensures the ideal conditions, up to a complete robot application upon request. We are the right partner for your individual requirements.

Press lamination tools – with the complexity of a sewing machine

Kaschierwerkzeug für Cabriolet-Dachrahmenverkleidung

Press laminatlon tool of a roof cover in a TPO II foil


Multifunctional presslamination tools (MF-tool). Part production in one manufacturing step
– glue activation
– press lamination
– trimming with hot knife cutting / toothblades / punching
– edge folding -> soft / hard / tempered / guided
– Krauss Maffei as partner for standard carrier systems with quick tool change system

Construction and design – goal-oriented and innovative

Kaschierwerkzeug für Cabriolet-Dachrahmenverkleidung

Bumper cover


Construction workplace

From the ideas of our customers, we form three-dimensional representations. In this cooperative digital process, the products of tomorrow are created – in absolute precision and efficiency. Of course, online conferences are part of the daily business. In addition to innovative technology, we use highly competent specialists who create the best with their expert knowledge and intuition for our customers.

Three and five-axis machining – precise and individual

Programmieren der NC-Drehmaschine

Programming the NC lathe


Five-axis simultaneous machining

What sounds so simple is often a complex process in practice that requires maximum precision. Not only is reliable machinery for milling or drilling necessary, above all a skilled operator is required. A machine cannot replace its operator’s experience. The combination results in production that fully meets the extremely high demands of our customers.

Assembly and tool making – perfect planning, optimum processes

Zentrierung eines Glases

Centring a glass

Medienanbindung eines Schäumwerkzeugs

Media connection of a foaming tool

Perfect products require perfect planning, optimal processes and reliable tools. In a complex process of digital structures and human experience, we produce tools that meet the high expectations of our customers in all respects.

Control technology and automation – basics for series production

Schaltschrankprüfung nach VDE

Control cabinet testing according to VDE


Control cabinet construction

Jaeckel Modelle takes visions and creates a physical form, so that tangible products can arise from ideas. This is the only way to create the basics for series productions that help ensure high output and low waste. This applies to small facilities, but also to complex systems such as cars or airplanes, for the processes in which we use all conceivable materials to produce the products of tomorrow.

We use:
The smallest controls
Siemens S7/TIA-Portal
Safety-oriented controls (Safety Integrated)
Codesys programmable controllers

Quality assurance – the combination of man and machine


Kreon measuring arm

Optisch-digitaler Messprojektor

Optical digital measuring projector

The strengths of the Jaeckel Modelle team are the outstanding combinations of people and machines. There is no room for mistakes. But despite every effort, they can happen. But we find them!

Thanks to an innovative, continually self-checking quality assurance management system, we have every step of our work under control. You can rely on it.

Technical centre – the practical test for your tool


Technical centre


Primer workplace

Whether for serial parts or prototyping, facts are created in the in-house technical centre of Jaeckel Modelle. For the production of pre-production or small series you can use the extensively equipped technical centre. Mould carrier, foaming system, primer application, release agent devices and individual storage systems that represent the real production environment. The mould carrier programming can take place parallel to the sampling. This means that the current PLC program on a USB stick is already included in the tool delivery. Here your ideas find the breeding ground to go new ways together with our encapsulation experts.

Service – advice and use around the clock

Service - Beratung und Einsatz rund um die Uhr

Perfect tools and reliable machines are one side of our business. No less important is the other. When it comes to identifying the right requirements during the analysis, fixing the right material during planning, or being at hand in the event of a repair so that production quickly returns to full speed – that is our service. Or, as we put it, that’s our commitment, because we want to continue working with you tomorrow.

Jaeckel Modelle – try the impossible

Das Team von Jaeckel Modelle

Besides you as a customer, the employees are the most important element to our company. As an attractive and modern employer, Jaeckel Modelle is prepared for the future. This forms the basis for achieving top quality. The whole team enjoys their daily work with continually evolving new challenges.


History – how time goes by

Das Firmengebäude von Jaeckel Modelle
Das Firmengebäude von Jaeckel Modelle

1998 Takeover of the individual 60 years old company Jaeckel Modelle to Jaeckel Modell-und Formenbau GmbH
2001 Purchasing of a new production facility in Hohenhameln / Mehrum with approx. 1500m²
2002 Introduction of the CAD system CATIA V5 ™
2007 Entry into 5-axis simultaneous milling
2011 KIM membership – 29 medium-sized companies merged into a powerful network
2014 Collaboration cooperation agreement for a premium partnership with KraussMaffei. Establishment of a technical center in the foaming area encapsulation tooling.
2015 KraussMaffei as a global partner for encapsulation tools in US – Michigan
2016 internal regulation of company succession
2017 Purchase of another 5-axis machining center & KREON measuring arm
2018 Recertification according to EN ISO 9001:2015
2018 Purchase of a company expansion area (11.000 m²)
2019 Contract conclusion with a cooperation partner in China and Japan for global orders
2020 Expansion of our technical center with an electric KraussMaffei WinCap EFT 2213 – 500 mold carrier

Cooperation Initiative Mechanical Engineering – a strong network

Kooperationsinitiative Maschinenbau e.V.

Since 2011, we have been a member of the Cooperation Initiative Mechanical Engineering (KIM), registered association, an affiliation of thirty medium-sized companies to form a high-performance network in the greater Brunswick area. The Employers‘ Association of the Braunschweig Region (AGV) as well as the Technical University Braunschweig and the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences are three equal members of the cooperation.

Common goals are securing the location, maintaining and creating jobs and strengthening the economy in the entire region. With a KIM specialist for occupational safety and a KIM energy manager as well as joint data protection officer, company doctor and social counsellor, the KIM companies are doing well.

In addition to the exchange of experience and knowledge, the cost savings are a high priority, for example, in education and training, in product development, through the efficient pooling of purchasing, in disposal and through joint public relations work. Close contact with the Technical University Braunschweig and the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences promotes the transfer between research and science.

For more than thirty years, KIM has been a success story of the region, which is now attracting attention throughout Germany. The cooperation bundles the strengths of the region and opens up enormous synergy potentials.

Certified – according to ISO 9001: 2015

Zertifikate nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The Jaeckel Modelle team lives its quality processes and the customer notices this immediately. The quality management is based on the specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. As proof of compliance in all service creation processes, the current certificate is available for download.

Information security is very important to Jaeckel Modelle. An assessment according to the recommendation of the German Association of the Automotive Industry is practiced and regularly audited. Access protection, confidentiality and availability play an extremely important role in the security policy.

Contact person – we are happy to answer your questions

Claus Thomas

Claus Thomas
Managing Director and Project Manager
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Heiko Hattendorf

Heiko Hattendorf
Managing Director and Project Manager
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Sascha Ahlvers

Sascha Ahlvers
Managing Director and Project Manager
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Frauke Lange

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