Cooperation between school and company!

It is getting harder and harder to find good and qualified trainees. So our motto is: „The early bird catches the worm.“

In May 2016, the company Jaeckel signed a cooperation agreement with the Realschule Groß Ilsede.

In the cooperation, pupils, teachers and employees of Jaeckel act together.

The idea is to introduce young people to a crafting profession early on and to inspire them.

We start with a first workshop in the secondary school Ilsede, where two employees attend the course profile – technology – class 9. In this workshop, students make a solitaire game. This means marking, graining and drilling. In the second workshop, the youngsters make an aluminum cube. This manual skills such as filing, grazing, graining, drilling and polishing are performed under guidance. If the students are already in the 10th grade, a visit to the company Jaeckel is due. For this different tasks are worked on site and in small groups the company is visited and chatted out of the sewing box.

The aim of these workshops is to be able to inspire the young people for our company and thus to attract qualified apprentices to our company.